How does social media affect our lives

How does social media affect our lives

Social media is where millions, if not billions of people, actively go one for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons people use so much social media is getting the latest news and information regarding any niche they are interested in. The fact that social media is the quickest method to get your words across, companies, and especially media and news reporting companies also use such digital platforms to become the first place where the news breaks. Ordinarily, we know that media houses get a lot of attention in terms of money and market share as the first media house to deliver a new to the general public. Nowadays brands and regular people use Instagram and services like to grow their followers base and promote their pages, services, products, etc. 

Apart from this, one of the biggest reasons for using social media is to connect with family and friends who live across borders, which is essential now more than ever since due to the pandemic people cannot go out and about like before. For this, today, people use even more social media than before, according to statistics, people have started to use the internet 17% more than what they used to before the pandemic.

While all these factors explain why we use all of the social media platforms available today at your mobile applications store, but we need to realize that using social media has affected our lives greatly and has ended an insignificant influence on our day to day routine. Some of these effects are as follows:

Weakening soft skills

 According to a professor at San Diego State University, teens today due to the social media spend more time on social media than they do on any other activity they do in their routine. According to his experience, teens in 1986 used to spend more time partying, hiking, and spending a lot of time together, helping them develop people’s skills. At the same time, today people prefer to stay at home and spend less time with their friends. This has weakened the soft skills of teens today, which can cause severe problems for them when they enter their professional lives as soft skills help you collaborate and motivate a group of people. Without the right set of people skills, these people would require training and experience to gain confidence in their abilities.

Mental health

According to the digital researcher, due to the internet, people are starting to suffer a lot of loneliness, especially the younger folk. There are two reasons for this. One is that relationships made on such social media platforms result in a lot of people getting disheartened, which causes loneliness. This is also why people spend so much time on applications such as Instagram so that they could find someone for themselves. Secondly, due to social media, people tend to stay at home and enjoy the content available online. While the idea seems nice to hear, it also causes loneliness and can end up in resulting depression. In previous times, people tend to be stronger mentally and physically for which they lived a much healthier lifestyle. Still, today, it is a growing concern that the younger lot is becoming weak in terms of their mental and physical ability.

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