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What is Linux and why it is used?

What is Linux and why it is used?

Programming and software development has emerged as a major career opportunity for many. The use of the internet and other digital mediums in the operations of different businesses is becoming common each passing day. One of the most popularly used systems for this purpose is Linux. If you are looking to become a software developer, it is crucial for you to know what Linux is and why it is used. If you do not know anything about Linux, you are in the perfect place. In this article, we will tell you what Linux is and why it is used. By the time you reach the end of this short article, you will know a lot more about Linux than you know about Linux now.

What is Linux?

Linux first emerged in 1991. It is an operating system just like Windows. However, it carries scads of additional features that make it an attractive platform for many developers and programmers. The main function of Linux is to receive requests from the programs and relay these requests to the hardware attached to the computer system. The most distinguishing characteristic of Linux is that it has an open-source code. It means that the users can see what lies underneath the system. It is not possible for other operating systems like Windows. It is a highly attractive feature for developers and programmers. Another major feature of Linux is that it is highly customizable. Unlike other OSs like Windows, the users can alter the functions and other features of Linux to meet their needs.

Why is Linux used?

Linux is the software that lies below all the other software residing on a computer system. the use of Linux is preferred by many programmers and developers alike due to the unique set of offerings it has for its users. It can aid the users in rendering the optimal use of the different hardware resources attached to a computer. The use of Linux can be rendered on a wide range of hardware. For example, you can use it on different types of computers ranging from watches to supercomputers. One of the most attractive features of Linux is that it can be operated on old systems as well. This makes the use of Linux highly efficient for many new programmers. It is because not all new programmers may be able to afford fancy computers. Hence, they can use Linux on any old computer for programming purposes.


The use and knowledge of Linux are of significant importance for any programmer. If you are looking to become a developer/programmer, it is of monumental importance for you to know what Linux is and what it is used for. One important factor to mention here is that it is not hard at all to learn Linux. To work as a professional on Linux, you do not need any fancy degrees. You can develop the prerequisite level of skill on Linux by taking different courses.