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What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?


The spectacular rise of the internet is not hidden from anyone. It is estimated that presently there are more than 4 billion users of the internet all across the globe. The professionals behind everything you see on the internet are known as web designers and web developers. However, common people are seldom able to differentiate between these fields. If you do not know about the difference between a web designer and a web developer, you are in the perfect place. In this article, we will tell you what a web designer is and what a web developer is. We will also tell you about their different roles and what they contribute to the content you see online.

Web developer

Web developer

Firstly, we will tell you what a web developer is. A web developer is someone who programs and comes up with the frontend and the backend of any site. The projects of a web developer may range anywhere from a single page static text to complex web pages with diverse functions. In simple words, they deal with the technical aspects of any website or webpage.

Web designer

Web designer

While web developers are busy developing technical aspects of any website or webpage, web designers are coming up with creative ideas of designing that site or page. A web designer is someone who takes on the different elements of designing a website or a webpage. It is of critical importance for web designers to fully understand the different techniques as well as a creative element needed to come up with an attractive design of the website or web page.

What languages do web developers use?

It is also essential for you to know about the different languages that web developers use. Web developers may use a wide variety of languages based on the nature of the task they are performing. The following are some of the languages that web developers use:

·         HTML

·         Java

·         Python

·         CSS

·         SQL

·         PHP

When it comes to web designers, they do not use any particular language of coding. Their inclination is more towards the designing aspects. For this endeavor, they do not require the use of any coding language.


Now that you know what a web developer is and what a web designer is, you can use this information in a wide range of technical aspects. It can help you in understanding these fields from a career point of view as well. If you are looking to join this field as a career, you can make a better decision about whether you want to be a web developer or a web designer. Although the roles match much on the surface, there are several differences in the roles of both the types, as pointed out in this article. The web development is more inclined towards the technical aspects of a web page or a website while web designing takes on a role more inclined towards the designing aspects.